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Tell us who you are today, and see who you could be tomorrow

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1 feels like home

The Country
The City

2 When I shop, I’m usually looking for something


3 What does your dream home look like?

Glass House

4 On a typical Saturday night I’m the ultimate

Hermit crab
Social Butterfly

5 I prefer to get my fruits and veggies

At the local farmers market
Via online delivery

6 When I play games I prefer

Board games
Online games

7 For quality time with my bestie, I connect over

A cup of coffee
Video chat

8 My ideal Sunday meal is

Home cooking
A bottomless brunch

9 When I need quiet time to myself, I

Unplug and relish a tech-free zone.
Gaze longingly at puppies.

10 The best place to learn a new recipe is

In a cookbook
On a device

11 The best way to stay healthy and fit is

Fruits, vegetables and exercise
Wearable tech

12 My favorite part of college was

Broadening my horizons
Partying with my friends

13 Museums are for

My future masterpieces
Meeting for lunch

14 On payday I

Bank 10% for tomorrow
Treat myself