Discover Your Spending Style

Do you save for a rainy day—or make it rain every day?

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1 Your tax refund goes directly to

A beach getaway
Your 401(k)

2 Your office lunch is typically


3 You replace your smartphone when

A new device comes out
It breaks—again

4 If it’s raining on your way to work, you grab a


5 A big raise at works means

New wardrobe
Better investment portfolio

6 Your morning coffee is from

A coffee shop
Your coffeemaker

7 Dinner is usually served

By a waiter
With an itemized receipt

8 A rainy-day fund is for

A once-in-a-lifetime vacation
Emergencies only

9 You win $100 on a scratch-off. You immediately

Buy more scratch-offs
Put some in savings

10 On my birthday, my evening plans include

Limos, multiple limos
Only close friends

11 Your favorite gym is

Classy with fancy towels
The great outdoors

12 Your favorite musician announces a tour. You immediately

Buy front-row tickets
Stream their new album

13 You go to the farmers market for

Foodie spending spree
Home-cooking inspiration